A journey

So, I haven't written for a while. Actually, that's not true. I'm always writing (see post about my OCD) but I haven't posted anything. I've been pretty busy. Teaching, marking, plotting, scribbling, collaborating and lots of other busy 'ing' ending words...plus I've dyed my hair which I think makes me look more interesting but has wreaked havoc on my bedding and clothing. This summer, I will be mostly wearing magenta!

I've also been taking the opportunity afforded by the long summer break to meet up with my brother to hash out some ideas around community film and theatre, and get some performing tips. It's been fun trying some new stuff and also reflecting on some old pieces. The video clip above is of me reading an excerpt from a poem I wrote a couple years back shortly after I arrived in Bristol. I used to work in Southmead and Lockleaze and would get the bus through St Paul's. It was quite a lonely time in my life and in an attempt to entertain myself and lift my mood, I would listen to the conversations of other travelers and spy on them from the back of the bus. I would try and imagine what their lives were like, and create mini dramas around them in my head. Sorry, that's just the way my mind works...so beware! I loved listening to these snippets, and with many of the participants hailing from the Caribbean, I would draw a strange comfort from their familiar tones, even when the dialogue was seemingly negative. I wrote 16 poems based on those journeys and I've promised myself I will publish them this year in some form.

Anyway, it was interesting to visit Muller Road last week again with Marcus and to reflect on how much has changed in my personal and professional life in the past 4 years. It was telling that I introduced the area to him as one now familiar with its streets. I can't say that I'm fully fledged Bristolian, but I am definitely less Bradfordian than I used to be.